Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Creation Debate Tonight!!

I have been meaning to post this ever since I found out about the Creation Debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, but I kept forgetting and now the debate is less than an hour away! I know this is super last minute but, if you are able, go to debatelive.org at 7 pm (Eastern Time) and watch the free live stream. There's also a sign language stream available - which I think is pretty cool - head over to debateliveasl.org to watch that version of the debate.

The debate is being held today, February 4, at 7 pm, at the Creation Museum and the topic of the debate is whether or not creation is a viable model of origins in today's modern scientific era. Watch the short promo video below to get a quick sample of the participants' worldviews.

Whether you believe in creationism, evolution, or never stopped to consider what you believe, you should definitely watch tonight's debate! And if you share about the debate on any social media tonight, please use the hashtag #CreationDebate.

Also, I'm hoping to put together a post with my opinion of the debate topic and a general summary of the debate some time later this week so be sure to check back for that!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A New Post!

Yes, I know I haven't posted on here in a while... but I did write a new post only not for my own blog. Today, I was a guest blogger on Nancy Rue's blog for teen girls. You can read my post by clicking HERE. Enjoy! :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm Famous!

Well, not really but I was in the Father's Day music video they did at my church this past weekend. :) It is hilarious. We had a blast and laughed nearly the entire six hours we spent filming it.

And since I know you're all dying to see my big debut... Here you go!

Random facts about the video:

- That's my dog Snickers in the picture! Originally my dog CeCe was supposed to be in it but she decided that she hated Matt (my "date") and wouldn't let him hold her. Snickers wasn't too thrilled about Matt holding her either but she cooperated a lot more than CeCe!

- The guys playing my dad and my date are the same age. Dustin (my "dad") put baby powder in his hair to make it look slightly gray, while Matt shaved his beard and combed his hair forward to look younger.

- I did not purposely hop on that step when I was running up the stairs. I almost tripped and fell but they said since I didn't actually fall, it was fine and we didn't need to reshoot it...

- The gray house with the porch that you see behind Matt's car when Dustin looks out the window is actually my house.

- The fries that Matt and I were eating near the end of the video were six and half hours old and were super nasty. It took a lot of acting for us to keep smiles on our faces while eating them! Haha :)

~Sarah Elizabeth

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Difference Between Evolution and Creationism

Just a little something I wrote while working on my research paper on the Cambrian explosion and the Burgess Shale.

If you believe evolution is true, you must also believe that life is an accident. We are simply products of mutations and flaws of DNA with no point or purpose for being alive. Life becomes meaningless. If, however, you believe that everything you can see - and everything you cannot see - was created by God, it means there is a purpose for life. We have been created for a specific purpose and there is a meaning behind why you are here today. Life has irreplaceable value and should be protected.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Rock & Worship Roadshow

Here are picture from the concert my sister I went to on Sunday night! We had a blast! Since it was general admission, got there about two hours early. Even while standing around in line, we still had fun. About an hour before the doors opened, K-LOVE Radio started giving away free passes to get into the concert. They asked for random items (such as a Louisiana state quarter, a toothpick, a Q-tip, a Wal-Mart receipt from the day before, or a bottle of red nail polish) and, if you were the first one to show them the item, you got two free passes! When they asked for a CD from one of the artists that was part of the tour, I grabbed my Adam Cappa CD and handed it to Tori (because she was closer to the K-LOVE tent). She took off running and came back in a minute with two passes! Yay! :)

 And now... On with the show! The singers/bands that were there were: Tim Timmons, Rhett Walker Band, Luminate, Family Force Five, Kutless, Adam Cappa, Jeremy Camp, Tedashii, and MercyMe. The show was great and we had so much fun! I can definitely say that we screamed the most during Adam Cappa's performance! We had met Adam about a year and a half ago at the We Cry Out tour (which was Jeremy Camp, Francesca Battistelli, and Adam Cappa) and we've been fans ever since. :)

Tim Timmons
Rhett Walker Band
Jon Micah - lead singer of Kutless
ADAM CAPPA!!!!!!!! :D

Jeremy Camp!!
And we got to meet Adam Cappa again! :)
After the show, we got to meet Adam and the guys from Kutless. Although we got their autographs, we didn't get a picture with Kutless.

As I said earlier, we had a ton of fun...even though our car died several times on the way home and we ended up having to call our dad to come pick us up at midnight because we were stranded in the middle of the road and our car wouldn't start! Definitely an adventure... While waiting on our dad, we passed the time by singing Adam Cappa's "The Rescue" and Jeremy Camp's "Reckless" just about as loud as we could. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Couple of Videos...

Hey everyone! I was going to do a post with pictures from the concert I went to Sunday night but Blogger is being really slow with uploading the pictures so I decided to share a couple of videos with you - one of Anthem Lights's new song and the other one is Jamie-Grace's latest vlog.

Hide Your Love Away - Anthem Lights
Hide your love away and wait for me. I will do the same. Wait for me, wait for me. There will come a day when I will finally say, staring in your eyes, "I've waited my whole life for this night."

[Jamie Grace] Boys
Jamie-Grace answers the question: Why are you so single? "Cause I'm anti-social! Duh!!" Homeschoolers are the best! :)

By the way, did y'all enjoy the "Fall In Love With Jesus" series? It was weird having a new post everyday, right? Haha. I've never been consistent with posting on here... :)

Reason #10 To Fall In Love With Jesus (Guest Post by Nancy Rue)

Note: This is the last post of the Fall In Love With Jesus Campaign.

Here are the links for the previous posts.
Reason #1: No matter what you have going on, Jesus is there to handle it with you.
Reason #2: Because Jesus brings you to life.
Reason #3: Because Jesus makes SURE you understand.
Reason #4: Because Jesus makes you want to try harder and be better.
Reason #5: Because Jesus knows exactly how you feel, all the time.
Reason #6: Because Jesus forgives your sins.
Reason #7: Because Jesus shows you exactly what to do in tough situations. 
Reason #8: Because Jesus always takes you back when you wander off.
Reason #9: Because Jesus accepts you as you are.

I’m kind of sad that this is our final Valentine’ Day post, but I’m also honored for Sarah Elizabeth to have given up her little private space for us these past 10 days.  Such a sacrifice.

If you haven’t yet shared with us who you are encouraging to dig deeper in the Word of God, please do.  It challenges the rest of us to pray about who we might influence as well.

Like most M-W’s, you’re probably way aware that the Valentine’s Day season is here, and you probably either love the cards, the candy, the frills – or you can’t wait for the thing to be over because it makes you so painfully aware of who DOESN’T like you! One being DOES like you. He loves you, in fact. He’s just waiting for YOU to fall in love with HIM. Why would you? In ten different posts, each one giving you a peek at a feature from the FaithGirlz Bible, we’ve given you a Reason To Fall In Love With JESUS. Here’s the tenth one.

Reason #10: Because Jesus returned after a horrible death to show us that we can have a new life too – with him. The death of Jesus and his rising from the dead to life again is a hard thing to understand because it never happened before and it hasn’t happened since. What’s even harder to get is why? What was that all about? There are a number of reasons, and the one I want to focus on is simply that Jesus wanted to show us that new life is possible. That no matter what we’ve done in the past, what we’ve believed, who else we followed, just by believing in who he is – the way to God – and following him we can leave all of that behind and be new – and we can do it every time we backslide. It’s a new life and a free life. You don’t have to worry about having “stuff.” You don’t have to stress because not everybody likes you. You don’t have to prove yourself. All you have to do is believe you’re taken care of and obey what Jesus shows you along the way of your life. It’s simple, yes, but not easy. That’s why you have the Bible. That’s why you have older people who love you enough to teach you about Jesus. That’s why you pray. And that’s why you pay attention, because Jesus is showing up all over the place. It’s a new life. Let’s celebrate!

Nancy Rue

PS: again, it has been wonderful hanging out here.  THANK YOU! I hope you will connect with me in the future. I would love to hear from you and we do quite a bit of chatting over on my blogs.  If you are a teen we have a special community just for you.  Head on over and hear about our Google Girls community where we can have a bit more privacy.

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